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New Little Ice Age Instead of Global Warming?

JournalEnergy & Environment
PublisherMulti Science Publishing
ISSN0958-305X (Print)
SubjectEnvironment, Climate Change, Energy Economics and Energy Policy
IssueVolume 14, Number 2 - 3 / May 2003
CategoryResearch Article
Online DateThursday, July 30, 2009

Theodor Landscheidt


Analysis of the sun's varying activity in the last two millennia indicates that contrary to the IPCC's speculation about man-made global warming as high as 5.8°C within the next hundred years, a long period of cool climate with its coldest phase around 2030 is to be expected. It is shown that minima in the secular Gleissberg cycle of solar activity, coinciding with periods of cool climate on Earth, are consistently linked to an 83-year cycle in the change of the rotary force driving the sun's oscillatory motion about the centre of mass of the solar system. As the future course of this cycle and its amplitudes can be computed, it can be seen that the Gleissberg minimum around 2030 and another one around 2200 will be of the Maunder minimum type accompanied by severe cooling on Earth. This forecast should prove 'skilful' as other long-range forecasts of climate phenomena, based on cycles in the sun's orbital motion, have turned out correct, as for instance the prediction of the last three El Niños years before the respective event.

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